Bailiff Services

        While we do not conduct Bailiff Service in house at Liquidatorz.

        We can refer you to one of our reputable contacts.

Municipal Act

The Municipal Act provides a Bailiff to serve them distress against a business or individual for arrears of taxes without cost to the Municipality. The ratepayer must pay the cost of the Bailiff according to the ACT. This procedure has been well received by most Municipalities over the years. The need to utilize a Bailiff in this area will definitely lessen the borrowing cost for the Municipality if properly maintained.

Repair Storage & Lien Act

This Act assists the garage owner for their repairs completed when a customer has not paid the invoice in a timely method. While the Act is very explicit on how to carry out this function, it can be difficult for the businessperson to handle the scrutiny required, thus the use of a Bailiff in most cases. The most important facet the owner must complete is the paperwork outlining the customer’s name and other particulars along with the full vehicle identification number and a full description of the repaired unit. The customer must sign the proper form for the owner to realize upon the security to recover their money. A properly registered lien under this Act will create a priority over lien holders under the Personal Property Security Act.

Personal Property Security Act

The right to recover security that has been registered in Ontario is based upon the contract and the remedies that are stipulated with the consumers’ acknowledgment. When a debtor has defaulted or breached the contract the provisions are clear that seizure of the security should take place. To delay the ultimate recovery, will only lessen the value if a sale is required. Maximizing the bottom line in these unfortunate situations should be the main concern of any lender or leasing company.

Commercial Tenancies Act

The Ontario Commercial Tenancies Act provides several different options for landlords to remedy rental arrears. The most common is distress, in which there are two major methods in completing distress to assist in recovering past due rent and common cost. The good documentation from a landlord with all the current accounting information on the tenant will provide a means to quicker and more accurate service. While there are thousands of different styles of leases, the information is paramount to providing a landlord’s best chance of recovery.

The other function landlords choose to embark upon is the termination of a lease. Again documentation is important and will expedite the final service to evict a commercial tenant. In the end, the landlord must select the style of procedure that fits the need with the best possible financial outcome. Cost of Distress Act.

We have a network of Bailiffs strategically placed throughout the province providing top quality service on all aspects of the Personal Property Security Act. Experienced Bailiffs that are well trained are the trademark of our firm while providing fair fees for the service offered.

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